Kamis, 18 Juni 2015

Learning English


English is the universal language. English can be used in various parts of the world. All the people in the world using English as the language used to communicate with one another. It is not wrong English we have learned from attending primary school.

The first experience of learning English language support, My first experience learning English began my elementary school. Currently my primary school subjects were taught English. English became a compulsory subject. I was taught by English teachers on formulas to construct a sentence. At that time I did not know if the formulas are taught it is grammar. The material that was taught to me at the start of the simple formulas.

Then I also bought a pictorial english dictionary. I was able to learn and also be able to see the picture in the dictionary. The dictionary is also taught English began to mention the
numbers in English, names the names of animals in English, the names of plants and flowers in the English language. The name of the family member's name, the names of our body parts, names of objects, the name of public facilities and many more.

After that I started liking music with English music with my music listening be able to learn word by word as well as the search for the meaning of the meaning of the lyrics of the music. The music we listen to can more easily understand the words in it. The first music I listen to is relaxing pitched music because the words are not too fast, and easy to digest. Once I was able to sing the song and then I try to write lyrics and try to find the meaning of the formula I have.

I also tried to buy the cassette tapes as the film drama that use English. I also like a lot of British films. Ranging from love to watch horror movies speak English and English drama. I did not really understand the meaning. Sometimes I do not know. Then I searched for the meaning of the English language with a dictionary.

I also often open English-language articles, Because the internet is very easy to find what we want to know, everything is on the internet. I usually like to watch a tutorial on youtube conversational English.

I understand the articles, short stories and so forth from the English magazine. Because complete and I can easily learn a little. In the magazine many new words and can find new things. we can see the images that are meant in it, nice-nice article in the country or who are in a foreign country and lainnya.di interesting facts in English language magazine there are also many fashion models from foreign countries. Many news latest news in the English-language magizine

Thus the story and my experience in learning and understanding the English language. Although this time I had not quite understand and not really understand, but I continued to try and learn English until now.

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